Drug Possession

If you are faced with a drug charge, then you might be in need of assistance from a trained criminal defense lawyer. Oftentimes, when people are pulled over and submitted to a search and seizure, the procedures that the police officers followed might not have been completely by the book. Maybe you had legal prescriptions but could not provide proof. If that is the case, then a criminal defense lawyer might be able to file a motion to get the evidence against their clients suppressed since it was obtained in an illegal manner. In these situations, the charges against you are dropped completely because without the evidence against you, the state has nothing to prosecute you with. Therefore, if you are facing a drug charge, you might want to consider seeking out DUI legal advice from a competent lawyer that specializes in drugs and alcohol charges.
There can be possible avenues and ways to keep you out of jail and even get the conviction cleared. For instance, the State of California realizes the need to rehabilite people’s drug addiction. Therefore California has created the Deferred Entry of Judgment (DEJ) and Prop 36 programs. If you qualify, such programs will keep you out of jail as long as you enter drug rehabilitation classes and complete the programs as required. A skilled lawyer can help negotiate such programs on your behalf to give you another chance.

Drug convictions are serious ones that can affect your life for years to come. Being convicted of possessing or selling drugs or having a DUI conviction that is drug-related can greatly affect your life. It can make obtaining employment in certain industries, such as the health industry or education industry, more difficult, and it can make it harder for you to get approved for certain apartment complexes. Not only that, a DUI conviction can cost you more money in higher insurance premiums for years to come since you’ll be considered a high risk driver. Therefore, taking every measure possible to help you reduce your chances of being convicted of such charges is important to maintaining control of your life.

Even if the evidence against you is determined to be valid, a criminal defense lawyer might be able to negotiate with the prosecution to get you the best plea bargain for your charges. Usually, a plea bargain consists of you pleading guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for less serious consequences. Regardless, don’t attempt to go through a drug charge alone when there are plenty of criminal defense attorneys to assist you in getting the most favorable outcome from your case. Our office can help. Call for a free consultation.